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Trade Supply Store

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Trade Supply Store

Post by Royer Blaze on Fri May 29, 2015 2:54 pm

A wooden building that has piles of cut logs out front. There's only one sign marking this place and that is two crossed quills carved into a piece of wood hanging by the side of the door.

A ramp leads down into the room, old oil lamps are scattered around the room, dimly lighting the area. Everywhere you look there are shelves overflowing with books and scrolls and on the floor there are open barrels, the contents nearly spilling out of them. Each step you take causes the floorboards to 'cry out'. At the back of the store there is an older lady standing behind a rickety old bar. The bar appears as though someone took their pack and dumped it out on top. To the side of the lady are a few rusty knives, though on closer inspection it is clear there is no way to make them usable.
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