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Character Sheet

Post by Royer Blaze on Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:17 pm

Your username will more than likely (hopefully) be your character name, in which case if it isn't... I can change that for you if you can't. Once you're set there if you click Profile>Character Sheet>Generate> then it should pull up a character sheet for you to use to help you get a better idea of your character. Right now its rather simple options: Name, Race (thus far only humans), HP (which may eventually have a use), Age*, Class**, and finally the spot for your description. For you to type up your character. People can reference it while RP'ing with you.

There will also be another spot for you to post your character so you'll have a back up and we have a more organized count of characters, which will be on the homepage under Characters. You'd simply post a new topic in there with your character info.

*Please, issue common sense when placing an age on your character. I would hate to have to instigate an age minimum on characters.

**If you do pick a class out of the four (Fighter, Thief, Caster and Healer) and you'd like more info on where the class comes from originally within the story feel free to ask and I'll PM you about it. Eventually I will get around to posting a spot for Classes and a brief overview about them.
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